Huśtawka miłosna erotyczna do sexu Door Swing

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It can be attached quickly – no assembly required – perfect for people who want to try out a sex swing! Door Swing by Bad Kitty with seat strap and adjustable loops for the hands and feet. The sex swing is simply hung over an open door and kept in place with its sturdy wooden stoppers by closing the door. All the straps and loops are made out of tear-proof woven material. Maximum load 100 kg according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Door strap each 57.5 cm long, 5 cm wide. Hand loop each 33.5 cm long, 2 cm wide. Foot loop each max. 155 cm long (adjustable), 5 cm wide. Seat strap 192 cm long, 5 cm wide. Polypropylene, wood, metal.


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